orchestral (including electronics)

Stabat Mater for soprano, cello, mixed choir and string orchestra (2021)

Illusions for symphony orchestra (2020)

Półtonacje (Semitones) for symphony orchestra and electronics (2017)

Flash 70 for symphony orchestra (2016)

n-Cyclus for symphony orchestra (2016)

Reconstruction, Flood, Rebuilding for choir and orchestra – fourth part of the collective work Wrocławska Cantata FLOW (2015-2016)

Kolby for small orchestra (2014)

Sinfonia moderna for accordion, marimba, choir and orchestra (2014)

Hierophonos F-E-C-H for symphony orchestra (2013)

Semi-overture for string orchestra (2012)

Unireum for symphony orchestra (2011)

… Stretched for strings (2011)

Binarium for strings (2010)

Archaikum for chamber string orchestra (2009)

Contrafluctum for symphony orchestra (2008-2009)

Polyphonic Games for string orchestra (2007)

larger chamber ensembles over 5 instruments (including electronics)

Bujdy i Bujanki for piano trio, chamber ensemble and electronics (2022)

Music of Illusions for chamber orchestra and electronics (2022)

Shire Bet Haknesset – five synagogue songs based on the melodies of Abraham Lichtenstein for organ, cantor and children’s choir (2021)

Post-suite for wind quintet and piano (2020)

foLksong for ensemble (2019)

Verses (Zwrotki) for saxophone orchestra, tuba and percussion set (2018)

First command – (electroacoustic) suite for chamber ensemble based on motifs from Joseph Conrad’s novel Smuga cienia (2017)

Gregoriady for flute and ensemble (2017)

InterGerencje for flute, double bass, chamber ensemble and electronics (2016)

Panta for ensemble (2016)

Re-imAGiny for ensemble and electronics (2015)

Denosora for 3 percussion groups and wind instruments (2011)

smaller chamber ensembles up to 5 instruments (including electronics)

T-rains for flute and organ (2023)

ReTurns for alto saxophone and piano (2023)

reLudia for flute, clarinet and piano (2022)

Xchange for two flutes and harpsichord or piano (2022)

Una voce for alto saxophone and organ (2021)

inVisible for soprano, cello and electronics (2021)

Phantom Trio for violin, cello and piano (2020)

Niebagatela for accordion and bass accordion (2018)

SubMelodie for alto saxophone and piano (2017)

GRAzioso for 5 instruments (2017)

KropkoLinie for violin and harp (2017)

Hazy melodies for cello and piano (2017)

DysKulacje for flute, saxophone, accordion, electric guitar and cello (2017)

Mobile for piano for 4 hands (2017)

Duello a 3 for flute, violin and viola (2016)

Acoustic Dialogues for two pianos (2015)

Music school for digital piano, percussion, double bass, electronics and video (2015)

Cho for two pianos and two percussions – one of the parts of the collective work Ogniwa (2015)

X for a team of (not necessarily professional) musicians (2015)

VertiHora for violin, bass / alto flute, synthesizers and electronics (2014)

Goliady for harp, cello and piano (2014)

JaMboree for flute, double bass and piano (2014)

ReVerse 3 for clarinet, double bass and piano (2014)

A-live for any two instruments and computer (2014)

TRANCEition for 4-6 any instruments (2014)

Quadro a due +1 for 4 violins, computer and marimba (2014)

Flow 3 for electric guitar, bass clarinet and electronics (2014)

ReVerse 4 for violin, clarinet, cello and piano (2014)

Three songs for soprano and organ to words by Emily Dickinson (2013)

ReVerse 2 for viola and accordion (2013)

Duello for violin and flute (2012)

Three songs for baritone and piano to words by Czesław Miłosz (2011)

Ondes for marimbaphone trio (2011)

Three songs for female voice and piano to words by Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer (2010)

String Quartet (2010)

Varianti for violin and piano (2008-2009)

Joke for violin and piano (2007)

Miniature for violin and piano (2007)

Quadrum for violin and cello (2007)

solo (including electronics)

MediTatio 1 for organ solo (2024)

MonuMento 1 for organ solo (2023)

M-songs for organ solo (2023)

Mini-Cycles for alto saxophone (2021)

Shire Bet Haknesset – synagogue songs based on the melodies of Abraham Lichtenstein – version for solo organ (2021)

MUTAcje for solo trombone (2021)

The Thing for cello solo (2021)

GUESSture for piano solo (2021)

Half-piece for alto saxophone (2021)

FluteDiving for flute solo (2020)

Linea for multipercussion and computer (2017)

AntiBuzz for viola and electronics (2017)

Eo for solo harp (2016)

Primes for solo violin (2015)

Orient bis for solo flute (2013)

ReVerse for solo marimba (2013)

Thinking about… three pictures for piano (2013)

Puzzle for viola solo (2012)

Angular Clouds for viola solo (2012)

Cut story for accordion solo (2012)

Fraszki for children piano (2011)

Phant for solo violin (2011)

Pinchoria for piano (2010)

Barocco for solo harpsichord (2010)

The bird’s-eye view for solo flute (2009)

Orient for solo flute (2009)

Impression for piano (2005-2007)


Spectral Scape for computer and video, in collaboration with Alperen Sahin and Piotr Tokarz (2023)

Sol Invictus α – an audiovisual piece for computer, kinect and video with a stage layer in collaboration with Angelika Iżykowska and Agnieszka Smętek (2022)

Sol Invictus β – interactive installation in collaboration with Angelika Iżykowska (2022)

Impra – Party-like improvisation – an audiovisual piece for electronics and video in collaboration with Alicja and Mariusz Jodko (2019)

@piacere – interactive installation in cooperation with Dariusz Jackowski (2017)

Gregor Samsa – an audioscene piece in collaboration with Krzysztof Boczkowski (2016)

Charlie’s Double Show – soundtrack to two silent films by Charles Chaplin (Charlie the Vagabond and Charlie in the Music Hall) for violin, computer and live electronics (2015)

NoOnCr for tape (2014)

Ge(i)ms for qwerty and computer (2013)

Project X – instrumental theater in collaboration with Monika Gałła and Dominik Lewicki (2011)


Music for the theater play Peace on Earth, dir. Mariusz Sibila (2019)

Music for the theater play I will put fire with my friends’ hands, dir. Grzegorz Grecas (2014)

The soundtrack to the audiovisual etude by Aleksandra Śnieżek (2014)

Soundtrack to the audiovisual etude by Marta Wartalska (2014)

The soundtrack to the audiovisual etude by Agnieszka Mędrala (2014)

Music for the theater play The Daily Situation O., dir. Krzysztof Boczkowski (2013)

Music for the theater play Love to Three Oranges, dir. Katarzyna Donner (2013)

Music for the monodrama Akwarium, dir. Aneta Ćwieluch based on the oratorio of Bożena Keff A piece about the Mother and the Fatherland (2013)

The soundtrack to the audiovisual etude by Marta Wartalska (2012)


Music and sound for a therapeutic device using VR – VRTierOne, made by STOLGRAF (2017-2020)


jingle for World Biometrics Day (2021)

jingle for the Wrocław Potańcówka (2021)

jingle for PayEye company (2020)